Raelene and Steve Shifano moved into a condo and within a week of living there, they received a fine of $250 for the plumbing hoses not being changed inside of the home. The couple explained to the property management that there was an inspection of their home a week prior, and the hoses were fine, and questioned how the board knew what was inside their condo and when it was changed. A week later, the couple received a warning about unbroken down boxes in their garbage bin. The couple spoke to the property management and had the warning and the fine disputed. The couple then wanted to make their porch into a garden and contacted the Board seeking approval to dig up the dirt to make room. The Board accepted their request and began digging up their backyard. Two days later, the president of the Board showed up in their backyard yelling about how they did not have permission to proceed. The couple explained that they sent the Board an email and were granted permission, then told the president to check their email. She called 10 minutes after the incident and demanded they stop digging.