‘Sustainability’ is the definition of preserving, conserving, and updating Backflows in your community with cost effective decisions. Community Resource Advocates is designed to assist board members to research “best known practices” and to offer solutions for sustainable options. Here are some suggestions to assist in keeping up the community’s back flows in the ideal for preventable condition. CRA (Community Resource Advocates) is not recommending, suggesting, or promoting any specific contractor. CRA only shares professional advice that is promoted as ‘sustainable’.

Backflow Prevention Requirements | Backflow Prevention Methods
Backflow Prevention Methods

Backflow Preventions Plays Small but Mighty Role in Water Quality

Backflow Administrative Requirements & Required Prevention Methods

Backflow Prevention Requirements

State of Arizona Dept. of Environmental Quality (DEQ) Rules

“The secondary backflow prevention requirements contained in Phoenix City Code Chapter 37 are intended to meet requirements imposed by the State of Arizona Department of Environmental Quality, as set forth in Arizona Administrative Code, Title 18, Chapter 4, Article 215 (R18-4-215), entitled “Backflow Prevention,” effective August 8, 1991 and revised April 28, 1995 (the “state rule”). The state rule requires that new water services comply with secondary backflow prevention requirements as of August 8, 1991, and that all existing water services comply as July 1, 1994. Therefore, the provisions of the state rule and City Code Chapter 37 are retroactive. The state rule also mandates the annual testing and record-keeping requirements now contained in City Code Chapter 37.”

Sustainable practices will comprise of ‘preventable policies.’ Community Resource Advocates educate on preventable actions as well as assisting in creating a sustainable program for your community’s backflows in your community.

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