‘Sustainability’ is the definition of preserving, conserving and updating the community’s clubhouse with cost effective decisions. Community Resource Advocates is designed to assist board members to research “best known practices” and to offer solutions for sustainable options. Here are some suggestions to assist in keeping up the community’s clubhouse. CRA (Community Resource Advocates) is not recommending, suggesting or promoting any specific contractor. CRA only shares professional advice that is promoted as ‘sustainable’.

Community Clubhouse Preservation | Sustainable Practices for Community Clubhouse
Sustainability for Clubhouses

Maid Monthly Services

Maintenance consisting of maid service monthly, weekly, or daily depending on the use of the clubhouse in the community

  • Toiletries will be kept consistently full, stocked, clean and orderly.
  • Mirrors, sinks, toilets, urinals and floors will be cleaned and disinfected.
  • Stalls and doors will be wiped down.
  • Any damage or malfunctioning restroom fixtures will be reported immediately to the management team.
  • The entryway, located at the top of the main clubhouse steps, will be kept clear of all debris, dust, and obstructions.
  • The entryway windows and glass doors will be cleaned.
  • Carpet and other flooring will be swept and vacuumed.
  • Furniture will be free from dust, dirt, and stains and in good working conditions.
Preserving Community Clubhouses

Preventative Maintenance

  • Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning will be inspected semi-annually by a licensed professional.
  • The roof will be inspected annually by a licensed roofing specialist.
  • The security systems will be inspected annually by a licensed professional.
  • All certificates of inspection will be kept on file with the building maintenance team.
  • All damaged or malfunctioning clubhouse fixtures and furniture will be immediately reported to the property management team.

Sustainable practices will consist of ‘preventable policies.’ Community Resource Advocates educate on preventable actions as well as assisting in creating a sustainable program for your clubhouses and restrooms in your community. All locations will have different needs and will require a proper evaluation to be able to recommend a sustainable practice.

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