Curb Appeal

‘Sustainability’ is the definition of preserving, conserving and updating curb appeal with cost effective decisions. Community Resource Advocates is designed to assist board members to research “best known practices” and to offer solutions for sustainable options. Here are some suggestions that could assist in keeping up the community’s curb appeal. Some statements may not apply such as snow removal in the Phoenix Valley, but it would apply in the higher elevations. CRA (Community Resource Advocates) is not recommending, suggesting or promoting any specific contractor. CRA only shares professional advice that is promoted as ‘sustainable’.

Our Story at Community Resource Advocates
Preserving Curb Appeal

“Everyone can recognize when their HOA community is well-landscaped and closely maintained. It shows that the association adequately manages fees to ensure the community always looks nice and problems are fixed.”

How Important is Curb Appeal

“Prospective buyers love walking into a beautifully renovated home—but it’s tough to get people in the door to see stunning interior improvements if they’re turned off by what they see outside. That’s why community associations should never underestimate the importance of curb appeal.”

Why is maintaining curb appeal important?

“The sole purpose of a homeowners association is to protect home values, and one of the key elements to doing so is to maintain curb appeal throughout the community. While it keeps the neighborhood looking nice and ultimately benefits the entire community, it does place responsibility on homeowners for maintaining the curb appeal of their own home. Curb appeal is important as it keeps the community looking aesthetically pleasing to potential buyers. If some associations maintain their communities aesthetically while others do not, it can often deter buyers and even the association’s overall reputation.”

Sustainable practices will consist of ‘preventable policies.’ Community Resource Advocates will educate on preventable actions as well as assisting in creating a sustainable program for your frontage curb appeal in front of your community.

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