Automatic Gates

Automatic gates work with a variety of HOAs, providing more privacy from public use. ‘Sustainability’ is the definition of preserving, conserving and updating automatic gates with cost effective maintenance/preservation decisions. Community Resource Advocates is designed to assist board members to research ‘best known practices’ and to offer solutions for sustainable options. Here are some suggestions that could assist in keeping a community’s automatic gates in top working condition. CRA(Community Resource Advocates) is not recommending, suggesting or promoting any specific contractor. CRA only shares professional advice that is promoted as ‘sustainable’ to preserve the working mechanics of the automatic gates.

Preserving Automatic Gates | Sustainable Practices for Community Gates
How to Preserve Automatic Gates

Gate Aesthetics

“Gate maintenance doesn’t involve a deep clean with a pressure washer, however there are parts that will be cleaned, lubricated, and unclogged. This all helps to maintain the gate’s functions but also its appearance, helping to slow down rusting and generally keeping the appearance of the gate in good shape.

HOAs tend to focus on the appearance of the community and keeping it to a high standard. The gate is often the front door for many of these communities, so keeping it in good shape with regular servicing is certainly worthwhile for most HOAs.”

Automatic Gate Security

Safety & Security

“The main purpose of an automatic gate is to increase the safety and security of communities and its residents. If frequently used gates do not receive routine maintenance to ensure the safety features are functioning properly, it could lead to potential safety hazards to both residents and visitors. Fundamentally, an automatic gate is roughly 500 lbs. of metal being moved with a considerable amount of force and speed by a machine. The risks associated with dysfunctional gates are paramount and should be avoided at all costs. To ensure the protection of the community and its residents, automatic gate service must be included in HOA fees.”

Maintaining Community Gates

Poor Gate Posts and Hinges with Swing Gates

“A swing gate post may look strong enough but if it’s not very deep in the ground it can move about and cause a gate to drag on the ground, preventing a Gate Motor from working properly. Generally, if you have trouble opening a gate by hand don’t expect a gate motor to open it any easier. The gate must be hung from a good solid post that can support not only the weight of the gate but also anyone that may climb on the gate. Additionally, automatic swinging gates must have good strong hinges so they can open easily.”

Sustainable practices will comprise of ‘preventable policies.’ Community Resource Advocates educate on preventable actions as well as assisting in creating a sustainable program for your community’s automatic gates in your community.

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