66-year-old Helene Feinerman is in a legal battle with the exclusive River Ranch Homeowners Association on Tucson’s far east side. The problem began last spring when Feinerman put up two, three-inch lighted plastic dragonflies in her front yard. The HOA, she says, told her she would have to ask permission to put them in the front yard. She has them in her backyard also. She asked by email, but it was rejected. She was told she’s having to ask by writing a letter. She refused since email requests had been accepted in the past and she says she saw the change in rules targeting her. In a letter written by her attorney, he noticed other people have décor in their front lawns. After thirty days, Feinerman put back up the fireflies, and a weed sign, saying “Happy 4/20” inside her house window as a tribute to her mothers passing date, April 20, and as she is a medicinal marijuana user for her debilitating Rheumatoid Arthritis. The HOA said both the sign and the dragonflies needed to come down. The neighborhood became concerned as the HOA was requesting something inside her home to be taken down as they were trying to control her internal home décor. As a protest, Feinerman decided to order additional marijuana signs to put up, with each complaint from the HOA.

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