Mar. 17,2022: HOA Forces over 50 Home Foreclosures

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After 17 years of living in her Green Valley Ranch home, Monica Vella was kicked out of her home. She was at home when she got a knock at the door of the new homeowner. Monica said she paid off her house mortgage on time for two decades, but her mortgage company was not

Feb 11,2022: HOA Tries Separation Fees

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A woman was selling her home and successfully sold the home. Her HOA held a meeting with her telling her she will receive a $500 fee to completely separate her home from the neighborhood. The HOA also claimed that the fine was added due to her parking her trailer in front of her house,

July 20,2021: HOA Harassment

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Raelene and Steve Shifano moved into a condo and within a week of living there, they received a fine of $250 for the plumbing hoses not being changed inside of the home. The couple explained to the property management that there was an inspection of their home a week prior, and the hoses were fine,

May 25, 2021: HOA Religious Discrimination

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The family of Lehi received a fine due to their decorations for Ramadan. The family has stated that they should be able to celebrate and decorate their homes for their religious holiday. The family went on vacation and when they returned, they saw that they had received a warning for putting out unapproved decorations and

Oct. 14, 2020: HOA Censoring Freedom of Speech

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Melanie Boyle hung up a hand-painted Black Lives Matter sign in support of the Black Lives Matter movement in July during most of the protests. Two months later, Boyle received a violation notice for her sign to remove it. Boyle was frustrated by this due to her six neighbors surrounding her having political flags and

Feb. 4, 2020: Car Booted in her Own Driveway

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Cristina Trabada is a recent college grad and moved back in with her parents. She had visitor visitation for 14 days and her registration expired before going on vacation with her family. Trabada parked her car in her family’s driveway thinking her car would be okay. While on vacation she received endless calls from her

Jan. 15, 2020: HOA Forcing Teen Out of Home

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HOA forcing 15-year-old teen out of home after both of his parents passed away 2 weeks apart from each other. The HOA gave him a time crunch to move out of the 55+ living community. The teens grandparents took him in and explained how quickly they were pushing their grandson out of the house after

Jan. 21, 2020: HOA Threatens to Fine Residents over Social Media Posts

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Ashley Nordesnol is an admin for a private facebook group named Residents at VVL. The page has normal events posted on their community page from lost dogs to different event hosting, to election information. During the communities most recent Board elections, the community page began discussing the current running’s and information about what they propose.

Jan. 3, 2020: HOA Discriminates Against Psychological Disability

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Jason Neilson, who owns one of the 27 units in Creekside Condominiums, and his partner Kirsten Swick brought home a service dog on Dec. 14, 2016. Swick has depression and anxiety that are substantial impairments. In a letter required by the homeowner’s association board of managers, a licensed psychologist attested that Swick's “psychiatric disability severely

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